Noel Deyzel

Noel Deyzel Biography:

He owns and handles the Noeldeyzel bodybuilder Tiktok account, where he shares comedic videos, fitness advice, training routines, and more, and by so doing, he has already become a TikTok sensation.

With more than 104 million people who have liked his post, he has over 5 million followers. He is a businessman, entrepreneur, and social media sensation from South Africa.

In addition, he is well known for competing in the IFBB’s heavyweight division of bodybuilding. We can tell you this and more about Noel Deyzel, so keep reading to learn more about his biography, net worth, and career.

Noel Deyzel

Noel Deyzel Personal Life:

African social media influencers are creating waves and establishing themselves as major players on the global stage, much like their European counterparts.

On September 30, 1984, Noel, commonly known as Daddy Noel, was born in South Africa.

His mother’s name is Mariola Colleen, according to the record, and he was born into an abusive household. His father’s identity is unknown, other than the fact that he was reportedly imprisoned.

Noel, a South African by birth who turned 37 in September 2021, has a sister who is two years older than him but no information is available about her.

Before he decided to become a bodybuilder at age 21, he used to be teased for being tall and slim. In February 2020, he published his debut TikTok, garnering over 1,000 likes and over 30,000 views.

Noel Deyzel Career:

Noel worked for GloCell between March 2002 and February 2007. He served as technical manager, regional manager, and creative manager at various points in the company’s history.

Noel Deyzel is also an IFBB bodybuilder, At the age of 21, he became inspired to pursue bodybuilding. Since he was small and tall as a child, he experienced bullying.

He currently works as a personal trainer and shares bodybuilding advice on social media. There is a sizable social media following for Deyzel.

To promote his companies and other goods, he makes use of his fan base. He has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, plus 108.5 million cumulative video likes on his TikTok account, where he has over 4 million followers.


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Noel Deyzel Net Worth:

It is said that Noel is worth $1 million.



Noel Deyzel Biography Summary:

Real name: Noel Deyzel

Nickname: Daddy Noel

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 30 September 1984

Age: 37 years old (as of 2022)

Place of birth: South Africa

Current residence: Johannesburg, South Africa

Nationality: South African

Religion: Christian E

Ethnicity: Unknown

Sexual orientation: Straight

Height in feet: 6’2’’

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Mother: Mariola Colleen

Siblings: 1

Relationship status: Single

Profession: Social media influencer, bodybuilder, businessman

Net worth: $1 million

Noel Deyzel’s TikTok: @noeldeyzel_bodybuilder

YouTube: Noel Deyzel

Noel Deyzel Social Media:

Instagram: @noeldeyzel_bodybuilder

TikTok: @noeldeyzel_bodybuilder

YouTube: Noel Deyzel


Noel is an IFBB bodybuilder, businessman, influencer, and social media presence. He founded Deyzel Industries and shares ownership of Ryse Supplements. The TikTok celebrity has amassed a sizable fan base as a result of his inspirational content over time.

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