Mamo Mihretu

Mamo Mihretu Biography:

Mamo Mihretu serves as the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s senior policy advisor and chief trade negotiator. Mr. Mamo was a senior private sector specialist at the World Bank Group before joining the government as a Prime Minister.

Mamo Mihretu’s parents’ names and occupations are unknown. His siblings’ identities are also unknown.

A Harvard Kennedy School Master of Public Administration graduate, Addis Ababa University Bachelor of Laws graduate, and University of Amsterdam certificate holder in international trade and investment, Mr. Mamo is a qualified attorney with a long list of academic accomplishments.

The Financial Times named Mr. Mamo as one of the emerging young technocrats leading Ethiopia’s comprehensive reform effort.

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Mamo Mihretu

Mamo Mihretu Career:

Mamo Mihretu, the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s chief trade negotiator and policy advisor, was given control of Ethiopia’s sovereign fund.

Mamo has been appointed as Ethiopian Investment Holdings’ first chief executive officer (CEO) (EIH). It was established by a directive from the Council of Ministers last month. A board of six directors is under the direction of the prime minister.

Although the Fund is permitted to have 100 billion Br in the capital, only 25 billion Br will be paid up.

For more than 16 years, Mamo has worked on improvements in the legal, logistical, and economic fields. He was among the “young liberal technocrats” with global experience who joined Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration (Ph.D.).

The China Investment Corporation, the Kuwait Investment Authority, and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority are just a few of the 40 sovereign wealth funds that make up the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF), which the EIH has requested to join.

According to Blen, an agreement has been reached, and the business will join as an associate member.



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Mamo Mihretu Net Worth:

Mamo Mihretu is estimated to be worth between $1 and $5 million in the United States. He is the Senior Policy Advisor and Chief Trade Negotiator to Ethiopia’s Prime Minister.


Mamo Mihretu Biography Summary:

Name: Mamo Mihretu

Age: Unknown

Date of birth: unknown

Age: unknown

Place of Birth: Ethiopia

Nationality: Ethiopian

Occupation: Ethiopian Prime Minister’s senior policy advisor and chief trade negotiator

Net Worth: $1 and $5 million

Parent: Unknown

Mamo Mihretu Social Media:

Twitter: @mihretum


Mamo Mihretu is a very secretive man, and a lot of his information is hidden from the internet, information like his age, marital status, and parent’s name are all unknown.

irrespective of all this secret, its no doubt that Mamo’s office as the Senior Policy Advisor and Chief Trade Negotiator to Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, has helped the Ethiopian people to attend a certain height financially.

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