Ilebaye Odiniya

It’s the new season of the big brother Naija 2022 show, and fans are all set to watch the show whilst voting for their favorite housemate.

The show started on the 25th of July with housemates like “Ilebaye Odiniya”, which is one of the reasons we are creating this post.

Before you start voting for a favorite housemate, here’s everything you’ve got to know about big brother Naija’s 2022 housemate “Ilebaye Odiniya”.

Who Is Ilebaye Odiniya?

Illebaye will soon become a household name, (at least for big brother Naija fans).

Ilebaye Odiniya is a female big brother Naija housemate, who hails from Kogi state, Nigeria.

She came into the big brother’s house as the second female contestant, after they were all unveiled on the 23rd of July. Where she is competiting among others to win the grand prize of 100 million from this year’s big brother show.

Career And Education:

Ilebaye Odiniya is a 21 year old entrepreneur who sees and describe herself as someone who is very controversial and loves adventures.

As for professional career and education, Ilebaye studied security studies and criminology.

Ilebaye Odiniya Personal Hobbies:

The 21 year old criminologist considers partying, shopping, bowling, and swimming as some of her hobbies and one of the ways she gets rid of boredom.

Ilebaye Odiniya Beliefs, Character, and Views:

Like every human being out there, the 21 year old entrepreneur, now a big brother Naija housemate, has her views and what she feels is the right thing to do.

Love isn’t part of Ilebaye views, as the housemate doesn’t believe in love nor even think love has its true meaning.

Ilebaye feels and sees pretense as the whole concept behind romantic relationships. With that said, she still hopes and claims maybe a day will come in the future when she might believe in love because at the moment it’s a no for her.

Although the housemate claims to possess disturbing characteristics that may go as far as annoying her fellow housemates.

Being a simple and easy-going person is one of her strategies to make things right in the house.

Ilebaye Odiniya Plans And Dreams In The House:

As we all know, the big brother show is one biggest platform anyone would wish to advertise their selves, business, products, and skills.

And Ilebaye knows just that, as she plans to use this year’s big brother platform to market herself while also gaining followers to help her business grow.

Apart from that, numerous benefits come with being in the house of big brother, and Ilebaye doesn’t want to miss out on any.

Ilebaye Odiniya Networth:

As one of the fast-rising female entrepreneurs out there, Ilebaye was already making name for herself in the business industry.

Ilebaye Odiniya who is contesting as this year’s big brother Naija housemate is rumored and estimated to have a net worth of $50,000, making such an entrepreneur alone.

Ilebaye Odiniya Biography Summary:

Full Name: Ilebaye Precious Odiniya
Age: 21 Years (2022)
Sex: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Place of Birth: Kogi
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Criminology & security studies graduate and entrepreneur


Ilebaye Odiniya will try to take this season’s big brother Naija show with all the plans and strategies she has installed.

So make sure you watch out for her in the big brother Naija show.

PS: You can follow her personally on Instagram at @ilebayeofficial


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