If Groovy is one of your favs, in this year’s Big Brother Naija season, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because in this post, you discover some of the things you need to know about Groovy

His Net worth, age, biography, and social media handles.

According to Groovy, he is gonna rain all the ginger and vibes available in his arsenal to this year’s “Level Up” Big Brother Naija Season 7.


Groovy Biography:

Groovy’s Full Name is Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue an ambitious 26-year-old.

Groovy was born in 1996 and humbly hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra state to be precise.

Although he was raised in Lagos. Where he studied and gained his BSc in the department of Biochemistry obviously from the University Of Lagos (Unilag.)

Groovy Hobbies:

The young man loves keeping himself fit, by working out while having a healthy lifestyle as his everyday routine.


Groovy Beliefs:

Groovy, the “Season 7 big brother Naija housemate” sees himself as someone who is positive-minded and also strives to be a supportive individual.

He believes in the power of having a winning mentality, which is one of the characteristics that also bring people around him.


Groovy Character:

Groovy has humbly admitted that he’s not an individual that easily backs down when it comes to the tough argument that he is interested in. (Although he is afraid that, his argumentative character may be a problem for his fellow housemates)

“I don’t back down if I feel I’m right about something unless the facts state I’m wrong, he said.


Groovy Goals:

Just like most of us, Groovy dreams of a life of success, he wants to be wealthy, famous, and most importantly a very influential individual.

He dreams of being in a position where his voice can make a change in Nigeria and the world at large.

And of cause, he plans of using the big brother Naija show as a platform to showcase all his capabilities.


Groovy Career:

Artist, fashion entrepreneur, and model.

As for the Career part, Groovy runs an accessory and cloth business, which he has been doing for the past four years.

He also does music by the side, and in regards to that, he already owns a single called ‘Groovyzone” which was released two years back.

PS: The song is still available on all streaming platforms for you to enjoy.


Groovy Net worth:

Concerning what the young entrepreneur has done for himself, it’s highly rumored that he is estimated to be worth $12k.


BBNaija Groovy Social Media:

Groovy BBNaija is active on social media. In case, you are a big fan of his, you can follow him on any of these social media handles;

Instagram: @groovymono

Twitter: @groovymono

TikTok: @groovymono

Official fan page: @groovers_fanpage


Groovy Biography Summary:

Full Name: Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue

Nickname: Groovymono

Date of birth: 1996

Marital Status: Single

Career: Artist, fashion entrepreneur, and model

State of Origin: Anambra State



Groovy is a young and vibrant entrepreneur who has done well for himself, and we are happy for him and wish him the best at this year’s big brother Naija show.


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