Meet Hermes BBNaija season 7 tagged ‘Level Up‘ vibrant housemate

Since 2006 the Big Brother Naija show has showcased a lot of different brilliant individuals who seem to use the platform to build a career for themselves.

And one of these individuals who plan to dig into the chest of Big Brother and win this year’s Big Brother Naija Show which is tagged “Level Up” is no other than Hermes.

In this post, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Hermes, his biography, Net worth, and career choice.


Hermes Biography:

Hermes Chibueze Iyele, for short Hermes. He is a talented individual who hails from Delta State, Nigeria.

He was born on APRIL 21 and appears to be one of the contestants for Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ season 7 2022 edition.

The Delta State individual said he is in an intimate relationship with two women who appears to know each other.

He feels his kind of partnership with this women has left enough room for everyone in it to grow individually and collectively.


Hermes Goals And Beliefs:

He believes many people disagree with whatever they seem strange or experienced for the first time.

He said he realized this when he appears to be a truthful person and also strives to tell the truth, diplomatically.

His goal is to use the big brother Naija platform to show the world how creativity and love can change and help make the world grow, even though it is in an obvious or tight situation.


Hermes Career:

Just like every young individual that strives to succeed, Hermes has a career path, that puts it on his table.

He is a talented dancer, a performing artist, plays basketball, and public speaking amongst others.

His career choice has helped him appear in music videos for some of the best music artists in Nigeria.

This list includes Burna Boy, The Ajebo Hustlers, and of cause Davido.

Truly, Hermes is a dancer of art.

Hermes has been privileged to also perform his arts at some of the world’s reputable festive occasions in Scotland, Lagos Nigeria, and the Netherlands.


Hermes Bbnaija Net Worth:

Just performing with big names like Davido and the “Africa Giant” himself Burna Boy is a big deal for anyone.

With that Hermes is roughly estimated to be worth $20k, I mean performing for some of the biggest stages in Scotland, Nigeria, and the Netherlands should earn a sure estimate.


Hermes Big Brother Naija Biography Summary:

Full Name: Hermes Chibueze Iyele

Date of birth: April 21st

State of Origin: Delta state

Occupation: Dancer

Net worth: $20,000


Hermes Bbnaija Social Media:

Hermes BBNaija is active on social media. In case, you are his fan, you can follow him on any of these social media handles;

Instagram: @hermesiyele

Twitter: @hermesiyele

TikTok: @coolestafrican_king



From revealing that he is in a relationship with two women. And saying his two women know each other. which he made known during his introduction.

A relationship which he claims the relationship is more of a partnership.

Hermes has done so well for himself, we wish him the best in and outside the big brother’s house.


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