Gen Jesus Durante

Gen Jesus Durante Biography:

Gen Jesus Durante is formerly known for holding the position of commanding commander of the 2nd Scout Ranger Battalion, and the Naval Postgraduate School in California has awarded him a master’s degree in defense analysis.

He also holds a Master of Science in Public Management from the Philippines’ Development Academy. Niembra will receive a promotion and become the 701st Infantry Brigade’s brigade commander in the Army.

This is the brief bio and career of General Jesus Durante.

Gen Jesus Durante

Gen Jesus Durante Personal Life:

Durante, a Davao native, earned a degree from the Philippine Military Academy’s 1992 graduating class.

His master’s degrees in public management with a focus on development security, are from the Development Academy of the Philippines, and in defense, analysis is from the Naval Postgraduate School in California, where he got both in the United States.

His age, parents, and family are unknown.

He also took part in the UN operation in Wau, South Sudan, in 2007 as a military observer. Durante was proposed as PSG commander by former president Rodrigo Duterte on February 24, 2020.

Gen Jesus Durante Career:

Durante, a native of Davao, is a 1992 alumnus of the Philippine Military Academy Tanglaw Diwa and the Philippine Science High School (Main Campus, 1988).

Durante, a “full-blooded Scout Ranger,” was in charge of the 1st Scout Ranger Regiment’s 2nd Scout Ranger Battalion, which was stationed in Mindanao. In 2003, he was given the Cavalier Award for Army Operations by the PMA Alumni Association.

Additionally, he participated as a military observer in the 2007 UN operation in Wau, South Sudan.


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Gen Jesus Durante Net Worth:

Some sources claim that Gen Jesus has a net worth of more than $500,000. Defense is his primary source of income.

Gen Jesus Durante Social Media:

None of Gen Jesus Durante’s social media accounts are confirmed, so at the moment, his social media handles are unknown.


Gen Jesus Durante Biography Summary:

Full Name: Gen Jesus Durante

Birth Date: 1975 to 1980

Age: 45 to 55

Birth Place: America

Profession: Army officer

Height: 6 Feet

Spouse: Not known

Marital Status: Married

Eye Color: Black

Net Worth: more than $500,000.


Both the civil and military investigations into Durante and company would move forward simultaneously, according to Lieutenant General Romeo Brawner Jr., head of the Philippine Army.

He declared that the military will honor Durante’s and other army officials’ legal processes.

Brawner noted that further inquiries will be made to see whether the suspected murder was carried out by the officers working under Durante on orders.

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