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Leslie (née Green), a charitable worker, and James Hawke, an insurance actuary, welcomed Hawke into the world in Austin, Texas, in 1970.

In Fort Worth, Texas, Hawke’s parents married when her mother was just 17 years old. They had been high school sweethearts since.

Hawke was born a year later. When Hawke was born, his parents were both enrolled as undergraduates at the University of Texas at Austin. When he was four years old, they got divorced in 1974 after getting separated.

Following the divorce, Hawke’s mother raised him. Before arriving in New York City, where Hawke attended the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn Heights, the two moved around quite a bit.

When Hawke was ten years old, his mother remarried, and the family relocated to West Windsor Township, New Jersey. Hawke attended West Windsor Plainsboro High School there. (later renamed to West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South in 1997).


Ethan Hawke Career

At the age of 14, Hawke got his mother’s approval to go to his first audition, and he landed his first movie part in Joe Dante’s Explorers (1985), in which he co-starred with River Phoenix as an alien-obsessed schoolboy.

The movie received positive reviews, although it did poorly at the box office. After the movie’s premiere, Hawke briefly stopped acting as a result of this setback.

Later, Hawke said that it was tough to deal with the disappointment at such a young age.

Hawke’s breakout performance came in Peter Weir’s Dead Poets Society in 1989, where he portrayed one of the pupils Robin Williams’ charismatic English instructor taught.

The movie earned a lot of praise; it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture and won the BAFTA Award for Best Film. It is still Hawke’s most commercially successful film to date, bringing in $235 million worldwide.


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Later, Hawke said that his decision to carry on acting was greatly influenced by the possibilities that came his way as a result of the movie’s success.

For his creative work on Before Sunset and Before Midnight as well as his performances in Training Day (2001) and Boyhood (2002), Hawke has received two nominations for the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (2014).

Additional recognition for Hawke came in the form of nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award, British Academy Film Award, and Golden Globe Award for the latter film. With Chelsea Walls, he made his feature film directing debut (2001).

He has also directed the sci-fi drama Gattaca (1997), the modernized Hamlet (2000), the criminal drama Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007), and the horror movie Sinister (2012).

He received praise from critics for his work as in 2018.


Ethan Hawke Biography Summary

Full Name: Ethan Green Hawke

Date of Birth: November 6, 1970 (age 52 as of 2022)

place of birth: Austin, Texas, U.S.

Education: Carnegie Mellon University, New York University

Occupation: Actor, novelist,director, singer and screen writer

Number of Children: 4


Ethan Hawke Net worth

He is estimated to worth $55 million


Ethan Hawke Social Media

Instagram: @ethanhawke

Facebook: @EthanHawke

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