Neeraj doing javelin

If you’re looking for a track and field athlete, you should learn about Neeraj Chopra. This Indian athlete is the reigning Olympic Champion in javelin throw. He’s ranked second in the world by World Athletics for August 2021. He also holds numerous world records. Read on to discover more about his career and what fans can expect from him. Posted in Track and Field, Neeraj Chopra is one of India’s most decorated athletes.Neeraj Chopra's Biography

Born on 24 December 1997 in Panipat, Haryana, Neeraj Chopra is a track and field athlete. He has won many gold medals at international competitions and is considered one of India’s top athletes. His coach is Uwe Hohn, who has been associated with him for three years. His father is Satish Kumar. In his early years, Neeraj Chopra would train at the Panipat Stadium with his friend Jai Chaudhary to lose weight. After becoming acquainted with the javelin, he decided to try it out himself.

Neeraj Chopra was born in Khandra village, Panipat district, Haryana. He graduated from Dayanand Anglo-Vedic College in Chandigarh, India. As a child, he was considered overweight and was often teased by his peers. His parents convinced him to try sports and he joined the local gym. He trained at Shivaji Stadium in Panipat.

Early Life

Neeraj doing javelin

The star sprinter and Olympic gold medalist from India, Neeraj Chopra, celebrates his birthday today, 24 December. Born in Haryana, he was overweight when he was just thirteen years old. He used to run to lose weight, but didn’t like it. He became interested in running and training with a trainer, Jaiveer of Binjhol. At fourteen years old, he moved to Panchkula and trained with national-level athletes. He won his first junior national gold in Lucknow in 2012 and won the prestigious 2017 ‘Athletics of Tomorrow’ title.


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Chopra’s family lived on a small piece of land in Khandra, Haryana. He attended a public school in the nearby DAV College and earned his diploma in law. After his high school education, he enrolled at the DAV College, and later won the U-16 national championship. As a teenager, Chopra donated two lakh rupees to the PM Cares fund to fight COVID-19, a pandemic that is due to strike India on March 31, 2020. He received sponsorship from the Sports Authority of India and JSW Sports. The star’s net worth is estimated to increase further with his win at the Tokyo Olympics. The Haryana government has awarded him with a prize of Rs.6 crore, and the BCCI will award him with a further Rs.1 crore.Neeraj taking a javelin throw at the Olympics

Neeraj Chopra’s father is a farmer. His mother is a homemaker. He was born on 24 December 1997 in Khandra, Haryana. He went to college in Chandigarh and graduated in 2011. He had a passion for sports from childhood, and trained under a professional javelin athlete named Uwe Hohn. The Olympic champion trained under Chopra’s first coach, Jaiveer Chaudhary, who was his idol and inspiration.

Neeraj Chopra’s Education Neeraj biography

The education level of Neeraj Chopra varies from school to school. While studying at the Lovely Professional University in Jalandhar, Punjab, he is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts. His athletic background began at a local gymnasium. His father, Jai Chaudhary, noticed his potential and took him to his gym. Soon, he was training under the famous trainer, Jaiveer Choudhary, and he competed in track and field.

Chopra studied at the Lovely Professional University in Phagwara, Punjab. He pursued a bachelor of arts degree at the school. His agent, Aman Shah, represents him and he is of Rod Maratha descent. Neeraj Chopra has been featured in many advertisements for Fintech companies in India, including Tata AIA Life Insurance. In 2010, he began appearing in television and print ads for other Indian and international sports organizations.

He attended the DAV College in Chandigarh to receive his education. He was a Junior Commissioned Officer in 2016, and was given the rank of Naib Subedar. In 2011, he was named a Junior Commissioner of the Army, which is an honour. The Arjuna Award is one of his many accomplishments.

The Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra recently won a gold medal in the Javelin Throw at the Tokyo Olympics. This was the first Track and Field event for India, and Neeraj is a very eligible bachelor. During an interview with Kapil Dev for ABP news, Kapil asked him whether he had plans to get married soon. He replied that his focus is on his sports and is not interested in settling down.

The Indian Army had appointed Neeraj Chopra as a Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) in July 2016 and gave him the rank of Naib Subedar. While his Olympic win means a lot to the army, he remains very private. In a recent interview, he opened up about his relationship with his future wife. He also explained that he would like to marry a girl who would be supportive of him.

Neeraj Chopra’s Career began with a childhood dream. He was fascinated by track and field events. After attending his first athletics class at the age of six, he became interested in track and field. Today, he is one of India’s most decorated sportsmen. He’s currently the reigning Olympic Champion in the javelin throw and is ranked second in the world in August 2021.

Chopra’s first athletic training was under the guidance of his father, who was a former wrestler. At the age of ten, he weighed around 80 kilograms. At the age of eleven, he was accepted to the Tau Devi Lal Sports Complex, located four hours from his home. Soon after his admission, he purchased his first javelin, which was worth a total of Rs. 1 lakh. In 2014, Chopra won a national competition and spent three weeks training with the javelin.

After graduation, Chopra served as a Subedar in the Indian Army, where he became an international star. He then turned to track and field, and won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. He then went on to win several championships, including the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games. His achievements have been highly recognized, so far. As of writing, Neeraj Chopra is unmarried and has no plans for a relationship.


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