Kimbra is known for her artistic and avant-garde fashion sense, often incorporating unique and colorful outfits into her performances and public appearances.

She is also an advocate for various social and environmental causes, using her platform to raise awareness and inspire positive change.

Kimbra, whose full name is Kimbra Lee Johnson, is a New Zealand singer, songwriter, and record producer who has gained international acclaim for her unique and eclectic musical style.

Keep reading to find out more about her career, net worth and biography.

Early Life:

Kimbra was born on March 27, 1990, in Hamilton, New Zealand, and grew up in nearby Hamilton.

Her musical talents were nurtured by her supportive family and the vibrant music scene in New Zealand.

As a teenager, she attended the Waikato Diocesan School for Girls, where she further honed her skills and participated in various musical endeavors.


She rose to prominence with her collaboration on the hit single “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye in 2011.

Her powerful and dynamic vocals on the song captivated audiences worldwide, earning her critical acclaim and a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

The success of the song propelled her into the global music scene and opened doors for her as a solo artist.

In 2011, Kimbra released her debut album, “Vows,” which showcased her eclectic musical style, blending elements of pop, R&B, jazz, and electronica.

The album received positive reviews for its innovative sound and Kimbra’s distinctive voice.

Her standout tracks, such as “Cameo Lover” and “Settle Down,” demonstrated her vocal range and ability to craft catchy and thought-provoking songs.

She continued to explore new musical territories with her subsequent albums, including “The Golden Echo” (2014) and “Primal Heart” (2018).

Her music delves into introspective themes, relationships, and personal growth. Known for her experimental production choices and intricate vocal arrangements, Kimbra’s music pushes boundaries and challenges genre conventions.

Biography Summary

Full Name: Kimbra Lee Johnson

Date of Birth: She was born on March 27, 1990,

Place of birth: in Hamilton, New Zealand, and grew up in nearby Hamilton.

Net worth: $3 Million

Career: Musical Artist

Social Media:

Kimbra actively engages with her fans through social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Twitter.

She shares updates about her music, creative process, and personal life. She values the connection with her fanbase and often expresses her gratitude for their support.

Net Worth:

As of now, Kimbra’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. Her success as a recording artist, live performer, and songwriter, coupled with touring and endorsements, has contributed to her financial achievements.


Kimbra’s talent, creativity, and willingness to experiment with different musical styles have made her a respected and admired figure in the music industry.

Her ability to push artistic boundaries and captivate audiences with her distinctive voice and genre-blending compositions continues to set her apart as an influential and dynamic artist.

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