Emily Wickersham Biography, age, net worth, marriage

Emily Wickersham is best known for her role as NCIS Special Agent Eleanor Bishop in the TV show NCIS. This is one of the most important roles of her career, and we’ll explore more about this talented woman in her bio below. Also, be sure to read other of our bios for more information like this. In addition to her acting career, Wickersham also has an active writing career.

Despite her successful career, Wickersham has a long and colorful history.

Who is Emily Wickersham?Emily Wickersham Biography

If you are wondering Who is Emily Wickersham? then look no further than the actress’s NCIS role. The show’s Special Agent Eleanor Bishop is one of her most famous roles. The actress is currently starring in the Netflix original series, The Girl Next Door. Read on to learn more about the actor. You can follow her on Twitter at @emilywickersham. Here are some things you should know about the star.

The daughter of an actor and a former lawyer, Emily Wickersham grew up in New York and had an elder brother. She developed a passion for acting and studied acting at Muhlenberg College. After two years, she dropped out and went to Los Angeles to work as an actor. The actress has appeared in more than one movie, including a romantic comedy entitled The Wedding Ringer. Her work has also been featured in many commercials.

While she enjoys a bit of privacy, Emily Wickersham is very independent. She prefers to spend time by herself in order to think about ideas and solve problems. She is a true intellectual and likes to live by her own principles. She is difficult to get close to other people, which makes her a good candidate for dating the opposite sex. She values her privacy and prefers to live a modest life.

Marriage lifeEmily Wickersham Biography

After completing her education, Emily Wickersham was married to musician Blake Anderson Hanley. Their wedding was held on Little Palm Island, Florida Keys, officiated by the groom’s brother. They lived in Los Angeles, where they worked as actors. In the following years, they separated. In 2017, the couple announced their separation. She had no children and was an only child. Despite her difficulties in the past, Emily Wickersham has achieved success in her career as an actor.

After her marriage to Blake, Emily Wickersham’s education was quite extensive. Her parents had taught her to be self-confident in front of the camera and they had a limited social circle. She struggled with the media and was socially outcast in her hometown. The two eventually met on a modeling agency in New York, where she enrolled in acting and public speaking lessons. She got a part in “The Sopranos” and was cast in the role.

Early Life

The early life of Emily Wickersham is filled with many interesting facts and trivia. She was born in Kansas and raised in New York City, where she met her older brother Adam. When she was young, she developed an interest in acting and later moved to Los Angeles. After high school, she attended Muhlenberg College, but soon dropped out and moved to L.A. to pursue her acting career. She is also an author and has written a book, “As I See It” (2001).Emily Wickersham Biography, age, net worth, marriage

Her first major role came when she was just seventeen. While at Muhlenberg College, she studied acting and played the role of Maria Benetto Lang. She also starred in TV movies, including Kelley Phelps, The Sopranos, and Gardener of Eden. She also appeared in a sketch on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ just before the show’s 2006 premiere. She played a role in ‘The Sopranos’ called ‘Jules’. Similarly, she had guest roles on ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Kate on Gardener of Eden’, and ‘Ellie Bishop’ on ‘NCIS: New Orleans.

After joining the cast of NCIS as Eleanor Bishop in 2013, Wickersham’s acting career became a big success. She also had repeat roles on The Sopranos and Parco P.I. After her appearance on The Sopranos, she was approached for other roles. After the show’s premiere, she received several auditions for other roles in the entertainment industry, including “The Great White Hope” and “The Sopranos” as Grace.


Emily Wickersham is an American actress who has garnered a large fan base. She is most famous for her role on the television show “NCIS.” Her role as the mysterious Eleanor Bishop has attracted many fans. In addition to her talent, she is blessed with an hourglass figure. This is what makes her so attractive.

Net Worth

Emily Wickersham net worth is estimated at $2 million. While she hasn’t released any income-generating projects in the past two years, she has a hefty collection of assets.

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