Great show for all round entertainments, Big Brother Naija’s seventh season began on July 23, 2022, and will last 72 days, Which cyph is one of the contenders. The reality show winner will receive millions as cash gifts and other prizes worth millions of naira.

Six male and six female contestants moved into the house as its new occupants, embarking on their new paths to fame, from what is known as being housemates in the big brother house.

The other contestants were released the following day. The upcoming season of the show is expected to be just as exciting and action-packed as previous seasons that included contestants like Laycon, Miracle, Bisola, and Thin Tall Tony.


This year we will be introducing Cyph, and you will get to know what Cyph is worth his biography, and the career path he had chosen before the big brother house.


Bright Cyph, also known as Cyph, is a housemate in BBNaija Season 7. Bright Cyph is from Imo State and studied Electrical Engineering at the prestigious University of Madonna. He enjoys art, movies, and music.

He enjoys food, travel, fashion, and cruising, and admits to being somewhat enigmatic. “But I’m also goofy, sociable, and playful, so it balances out,” he says.


Bright enjoys traveling, eating, shopping, and going on cruises. He also admitted to being somewhat enigmatic. “I’m goofy, sociable, and playful as well, so that balances it out,” he explained.

He doesn’t like keeping malice with his loved ones, because He always believes in his motto “You only live once”. He works out any differences as soon as possible.

Cyph was the first member of the house to admit he enjoys being happy and can cry if someone makes him angry (what an emotional guy).

Being a caring individual who has brought the cruise and drama to Biggie’s house amongst others, are the characteristics Cyph exhibits.


The 27-year-old Cyph accepted firstly that he enjoys being happy, but he is prone to crying if someone irritates him greatly. Despite not being in a relationship, Cyph is currently interested in someone outside the House.

Cyph loves food, He eats his favorite meal with any slightest opportunity he gets. He also intends to have it with the other housemates while keeping an eye on the final price which is one of the major reasons he is a contestant in big brother’s house.


Based on the estimate, Cyph is anywhere between $10k -14, 000 dollars.


Instagram: @official_iamcyph

Twitter: @iam_cyph

Facebook: @nwaekete.brightchidi 


Full Name: Bright Cyph

Occupation: Engineer and an Entrepreneur

Nationality: Nigerian

State of origin: Imo state, Nigeria

Education: Studied electrical engineering at the University of Madonna.

Hobbies: He enjoys eating, art, movies, and music.

Marital status: Before the big brother show, Cyph concluded that he is single.


Cyph is from the eastern part of Nigeria, and he entertains hard work and creativity, we at Bioxr wish him well for the rest of his stay in the big brother house.



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