Cornelius Kersten Biography, Wiki, Early Life, Age, Career and Net Worth

Who is Cornelius Kersten?

Cornelius Kersten is a Dutch long-track speed skater who is best known for his YouTube videos. He was born in Haarlem, Netherlands, on 19 July 1994. His Ig page is dedicated to his business, which he co-founded. He is a Christian and follows the tradition of his family. His net worth is unknown, although it is estimated to be above $1 million. He is a member of the brew22 coffee community, a company that has taken a lot of risks to become so successful.

Cornelius Kersten is a long track speed skater from England. He competes for Team Worldstream-Corendon. He has several awards under his belt for his performance in ice skating, and has made his Olympic debut together with his girlfriend Ellia Smeding. He is very active on Instagram, with over 2000 followers and thirty-two posts as of February 2022. His personal life is full of fun and interesting details, and his Instagram page contains many beautiful photos of his life.Cornelius Kersten Biography, Wiki, Early Life, Age, Career and Net Worth

His father, Michael Kersten, is a renowned racquetball player and has a Twitter account as well. Despite his celebrity status, his parents are still enjoying their privacy, but his financial situation is not known. While the exact figure is not available, it is believed to be around $1 million.

Early Life

The Early Life of Cornelius Kersten is fascinating and inspiring. He is a British long-track speed skater who represents Team Worldstream-Corendon in international competitions. He was born on July 19, 1994, in Haarlem, Netherlands. The young athlete is now 28 years old. He was raised in Heemstede, and has represented Great Britain since July 2014. He has not revealed much about his family background, but he does know that he is from a Dutch family.Cornelius Kersten Biography, Wiki, Early Life, Age, Career and Net Worth

The Early Life of Cornelius Kersten begins with his birth and upbringing. His parents were both amateurs and later professional athletes. His father worked as an accountant and his mother was an artist. His grandfather had a thriving art studio, and his father was a musician. The family was very close and the two had a mutual respect for each other. The family moved to London in the mid-1990s, and his father ran a thriving coffee shop in the city.Cornelius Kersten Biography, Wiki, Early Life, Age, Career and Net Worth

In 2004, his mother and father moved to England. Their relationship was not public, and they were secretive about their identities. Their privacy is a great advantage for their children, because they don’t have to worry about the media scrutinizing them. During his childhood, Cornelius Kersten’s parents were very private. Their personal life and career haven’t been revealed. Despite being anonymous, he is earning millions of dollars.

What is Cornelius Kersten Net worth?

While his career in speed skating has not yet been officially documented, his popularity is growing as a result of his successful ice racing videos. As a speed skater, Cornelius has gained a large fan base through his many social media posts. His Instagram account has millions of followers. He also has a wife, Ellia Georgina Smeding. Their net worth is unknown, but the couple has a combined income of over $1 million.

Is Cornelius Kersten Married?Ellia Smeding and Cornelius Kersten

Cornelius Kersten appears to be married to Ellia Smeding. However, there’s no full verification to whether this is wholly true.

But since she always pops out on his Instagram account, there’s actually some correlation to this hypothesis.

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