Meet Adekunle of the BBNaija season 7

Many questions may come to mind whenever you see the name Adekunle on the Big Brother Naija show. Questions like, who is he? what does he do? How does he get here? what is adekunle networth? Be rest assured that all your questions will be answered in this article.

Adekunle is a contestant in the popular reality show Big Brother Naija 2022 edition. Contesting for this year’s season 7 edition, themed ‘Level Up‘ which officially commenced on Saturday 23rd July 2022.

This year’s edition consists of 12 housemates, which were first introduced to the show on the first day, and then another 12 contestants on the second day.


Adekunle BBNaija Biography:

Adekunle Tobilola Olopade Adeline has a very interesting personality, and he hails from the commercial capital city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Adekunle was born in 1995 and lives in Lagos State where he also works.


Adekunle Personality and Career:

Adekunle is a well-known digital marketing consultant in Lagos and thinks of himself as “a self-actualized introvert”. He takes pride in bringing solutions to other people’s challenges and issues.

When Adekunle is less busy and wants to take a break away from everything around him, you would either meet him playing interesting games or he would watch “Family Guy”, one of his interesting shows on YouTube.


What is Adekunle’s BBNaija net worth:

As earlier said, Adekunle who has chosen a path in the digital marketing space is estimated to be worth $50,000 which is close to #20 million, when converted to naira.


Adekunle’s Beliefs and Goals:

Adekunle sees himself as a Peacemaker which he says it’s his major attribute but he doesn’t rule out the fact that he can challenge anyone when the time comes for him to do such.

After his introduction on the big brother show, he was asked if he has any annoying habits he could likely exhibit in the big brother house, that could annoy his fellow housemates. His reply was quite simple and direct.

He said “The fact that I’m always right; and by the way, I never say anything I don’t know, could be considered annoying. Also, I learned recently that I use a lot of big grammar when I speak,” he said that with a little smile on his face.

Just like every other big brother housemate, Adekunle’s current goal is to be the winner of this season’s Big Brother Naija show. As this could help his mother pay off all her loans, and debt (a very kind gesture tho).


Adekunle Social Media Handles:

Adekunle like every other contestant has an active social media handle. He already before the show has over 15,000 Instagram followers, while on the bird app Twitter, he has over 3,000+ followers.

You can follow Adekunle:

Instagram: @adekunleolopade_

Twitter: @adekunleolopade

TikTok: @lagosislandboy

Facebook: dekunleolopade


Adekunle Bbnaija Biography Summary:

Full Name : Adekunle Tobilola Olopade
Nickname: Adekunle
Year of Birth: 1995
Occupation: Digital Marketing Consultant


Just like every other housemate we wish Adekunle luck in the big brother house.

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