Ondo State, Nigeria, is the home state of Big Brother Naija’s seventh participant. When you meet her in person, her true name is Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David. She is a Christian Nigerian citizen. She received a bachelor’s degree in Medical Radiography from the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Early Life

She was born in Yoruba, Nigeria, in 1995 into a Christian household. Doyin David hails from Ondo, a state in Nigeria, and was born there. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. David. When it comes to this 26-year-old Lady, you’ll never know what to expect as she is multi-dimensioned both career-wise and in her personality.



Even though She is a medical radiographer by profession, she also likes reading and going out with friends. She received a bachelor’s degree in Medical Radiography from the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Regarding her future, She is hopeful that Big Brother Naija can help alter her path. “Medicine bores me to tears, so I’m exploring my options in the entertainment world to see if there’s something there for me.” “I also want to earn more than I am now,” she adds.


Personal Life

She defines herself as a blend of Michelle Obama and Cardi B and acknowledges that depending on the situation, she’s not scared to unleash either. “You never know what you’ll get from this 26-year-old Lady.”

In her spare time, Doyin enjoys going out with friends and reading. Although she may seem tough outside, she is a sweetheart at heart. Doyin has difficulty making friends because she tends to be brutally honest. Despite this, she is fortunate to have two close pals that are very important to her.


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BBNaija’s housemate claims that her previous relationship terminated on the grounds of adultery, which happened around one and a half years ago. It was revealed to her that her partner at the time discovered her cheating and refused to forgive her; therefore, the relationship was over.

In a recent interview, her fans applauded her for telling Sheggz about her affections for him. In a private conversation, Doyin told Sheggz that she was a big fan of his, but the presence of BBBNaija Bella had prevented her from pursuing him.


Social media

BBN contestants use many social media channels. Her fame skyrocketed after her appearance on Big Brother Naija season 7. Lip-sync and comedy-related videos are the major focus of her TikTok channel. Her social media accounts are listed here:

Instagram: @officialdoyin_

Twitter: @OfficialDoyin_

Facebook: officialdoyinBBN

TikTok: @officialdoyin_



Doyin’s job title is “medical radiographer.” Radiographers are allied health workers who take x-rays and other medical pictures to aid physicians with disease and injury diagnoses.

Medical imaging technologists are another name for these professionals. A radiographer carries out the scan. The typical compensation for radiographers with one to four years of experience (tips, bonuses, and overtime pay included) is $1,300,000.

Based on 176 salaries, a mid-career radiographer with 5–9 years of experience earns on average $1.926.920 annually. We expect that Doyin owns a car of her own choice, but as of the publication of this piece, there is no proof to support this claim.

Doyin Wiki Profile

Name: Doyin

Real Name: Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David

Age: 22 years

Date of Birth: 2022

State of Origin: Ondo State

Boyfriend: Single

Occupation: Medical Radiographer

Net Worth: $10,000



Doyin, fondly called, has made up her mind that she will win the BBN contest. Doyin has high hopes that Big Brother Naija would be the catalyst for a shift in her life’s trajectory. As a result of my disinterest in the field of medicine, I’m exploring my options in the entertainment sector. In addition, she adds, “I simply want to earn more money than I am now.” Do well to be on the lookout for her and give her your support.

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