About Us

Everyone wants to always get fresh updated informations on the go.

Yeah, they look up to Google for that.

But while there are always tons of options out there, the truth still remains, they’re not a lot of quality to match up with the daily massive queries.

And when it comes to entertainment and biography, it’s really bad – there usually lots of misinformations.

Apparently, we’re totally aware of this.

For this reason, we, a team of professionals have gone underground to develop a top rated curated blogging resource for biography.

Yikes…we called it BioXr

BioXr is an industry-leading biography blog curated by passionate personnels, researchers, content writers and digital marketers.

With a sole aim of providing a combo of Updated Quality, BioXr is likely one of the best biography blogs, the industry has ever welcomed.

Our content targets are cantered on biographies of Actors, Actresses, Sports men and women, musicians etc.

From our existence, we’ve been able to solve the challenges of people by giving them well structured, articulated, Quality and updated articles.

Our audience is our most valuable asset at bioxr.com.ng. We generate totally unique content and distribute it through a variety of ways that are most convenient for individuals.

Our cutting-edge technology is unrivaled, allowing us to tailor a news stream to our audience’s preferences.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to rely on a single platform for your every biography research, then no look further behind BioXr.